Latvian Food and Drinks

Latvian Food and Drinks
Latvian cuisine consists mainly of agricultural products. Therefore, the Latvian dishes are high in fat, and do not use large amounts of spices.

Kvass (from wheat, rye or barley bread) and birch juice are non-alcoholic drinks.
Rigas Black Balsam is an alcoholic drink from the middle of XVIII century which is acknowledged worldwide and achieved more than 50 international rewards. It contains twenty four natural components as plants, roots and leaves.
BRED being real country bread in Latvia you can find different kinds of bread: with grain, carrots, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Sorrel Soup from sorrel, pork, pearl barley, 1-2 eggs, potatoes, carrots, fat, onions and sour cream, dills and parsley.
Sauerkraut Soup with Sausage from sausage, celery, onion, garlic, sauerkraut, potatoes, thyme.
Milk soup with dumplings from potato, flour and egg dumplings cooked in milk.

Grey peas with bacon from grey peas, smoked or unsmoked bacon, onion and salt. It’s a pride of Latvian food and popular ancient Latvian Christmas food
Blood sausage from grits, bacon and pork blood filled in pig intestine
Peas and beans from typical Latvian cuisine food. For example, peas porridge and soup
Braised cabbage and potatoes with pork (chop, meatball, pork slice)
Vegetable stews (in pots) from pork and vegetable stew, potatoes and wild mushroom stew, vegetables and fish stew

Bread soup with whipped cream from grated bread with dried raisins and whipped cream
Black bread array from grated bread, cottage cheese and cranberry or lingberry jam
Whipped cranberry dessert with milk from cranberries, water, sugar, semolina.

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