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First mentioned in the 1275th year when the Livonian Order built the Dinaburg castle at the riverbank of the river Daugava. In 1582, the king of Poland, Stefan Batory granted Dyneburg Magdeburg rights of town. Over the years, it has been part of the state of: Livonian Order (1275-1559) Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1561-1710) Russian Empire (1772-1920) […]


Act like a local

• Observe the local’s attitude if you don`t want to face unexpected reaction. • So we don`t like touching or kissing too much. Men usually shake hands to greet each other or to say goodbye. Girls are kissing or hugging only very close friends or family members. • Latvian women can be quite strong, but they enjoy […]



As Latgale’s region and Daugavpils are famous for its handicraftsmen working with ecologically pure materials, you can buy any clay, wood, basketry, knitting, amber, herbal product for your household, cold evenings, positively inspiration or as a gift for your friends. From manufacturing goods we advise you to taste Rīgas Black Balsam, honey cake “Daugava” in the café “Kolobok”, […]

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