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Get Around

* Bus or train. Tickets are available online too at, providing information of the bus and train schedules and ticket costs. The bus trip from Riga usually is 8.9 € and takes 3 hours and 40 minutes, in turn train costs 7 € and takes the same time. * hitchhiking on A6 road * Daugavpils public transport’s timetable on . Bus […]



ENGLISHyes/noGood day! How do you do! Hello! Goodbye! Cheers! Please/Thank you Sorry!/Excuse me! Help! shop hospital I want eat/ drink/ sleep bus station Entrance/ Exit Open/ Close how much is …? cool LATVIANjā/nēLabdien! Čau! Uz redzēšanos Priekā! Lūdzu/Paldies Atvainojiet!/Piedodiet! palīgā! veikals slimnīca Es gribu ēst/ dzert/ gulēt autoosta Ieeja/ Izeja Atvērts/ Slēgts cik maksā …? […]



LĪGO Celebration of the summer solstice on the night from June 23rd to 24th is the oldest and most beloved traditional holiday. It includes June 24th called “Jāņi”. Usually spent in the countryside with bonfire, a wreath of oak and meadow flowers, search for the fern flower, folk songs, beer and cheese with caraway seeds. […]


Latvian Food and Drinks

Latvian Food and Drinks Latvian cuisine consists mainly of agricultural products. Therefore, the Latvian dishes are high in fat, and do not use large amounts of spices. TRADITIONAL DRINKS Kvass (from wheat, rye or barley bread) and birch juice are non-alcoholic drinks. Rigas Black Balsam is an alcoholic drink from the middle of XVIII century […]

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